Shipping Guide Of Your Car To The UK

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in Shipping Guide Of Car

Moving to a different city is always a matter of concern for the people. It is because of the tension of the whole lot of movement process that they have to go through. Especially if they have a vehicle that they need to move.

Now this can be so hard imagining the movement between cities. But just imagine then how much stressed out can one be while shifting countries? And then again having to shift their car there too. And especially not to forget if the country is the UK.

This can be a messy and tiring situation for many people. But what if there was an easy way? Well, the easy way is following the exact rules. Once people knows about how to solve an equation, it seems easy to them.

Same way knowing about the procedure of importing the car in the UK can help a lot.

Guide To Shipping The Car To The UK:

The shipping of the car is usually required in two types of circumstances. The very first being permanent moving while the second being the temporary moving. Both have their different set of rules and regulations. One should remember them exactly if they want to ride without harming the UK laws.

The Permanent Shifting Process:

The following steps can help one in shifting the car permanently to ride in the UK:

  • The very first and most important step is to let the HMRC know about the shifting. This is the tax collection department of the country. This should be done within 14 days of shifting the vehicle to the UK.
  • The very next point is to pay the respective VAT as well as Tax applicable. The HMRC though has every right to decide how much would it be or would it be at all or not.
  • The next point is to get the approval of the vehicle. It generally means that it is checked that whether or not the vehicle meets enough general safety and environmental safety measures of the country.
  • The very next point is to get the vehicle registered with the DVLA and then they will provide the person with a registration number for the same.

The Temporary Shifting Process:

In this process, few of the important things that apply are the time of the visit. It is checked that whether one is staying continuously or comes back at short intervals and many times. The purpose of the stay will be checked.

Weather, the person, is interested in getting citizenship or not. And also if the vehicle is registered in their own country and taxed for the same or not. If these are verified and the reason is found to be valid, then one can ride their vehicle in the streets without any registration from the UK government.

But then again only if they meet the safety standards.

One should remember the fact that notifying the HMRC within 14 days of time is extremely important and if not notified then one can be penalized a fine of £5 for every day that they are late.

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How To Transfer A Private Number Plate

Posted by on Jun 16, 2016 in Private Number Plate

Having a private plate for the car one owns is totally an amazing experience in itself. If one has one, then it is very evident that they will hardly let go of the same.

But the necessity of transferring the plates arises when one supposedly wishes to change the car. That is exactly when one can transfer the plate without any problem too.

Circumstances On Which The Transfer Depends:

There are various circumstances on which the transfer process depends. If one has a car, then they can straight away go ahead with the transfer. If one doesn’t have the car yet, then they can still on to it by transferring the number to a retention document. This makes it easier for the person who wants to transfer the car number without any hassle.

The following article will help one in understanding how to do the same seamlessly.

The Guide To Transfer:

The following points should be followed step by step:

  • One should very firstly get hold of aDVLA V317 form.This is the one that is meant for the transfer.
  • One can get this particular form in two different ways. The first is that they can get it from the local DVLA center. Or else they can also try and download the same online. After that, one should complete the entire form and then check for anything that they have missed.
  • Then one would need the V5 Registration Document, and then completion of it will be required.
  • Next, one should send the V317 form by post and the other necessary documents too. It should be sent to the local DVLA office.
  • One may need to keep the V5 Registration Document as well as the mot certificate and not to forget a copy of the tax disc and that too for each of the vehicles with themselves.
  • A transfer fee of £80 should also be kept handy.
  • number

What To Expect Then?

The following processes will take place next:

  • The application will be processed depending upon the documents provided.
  • The time one needs to wait for is at least 2 to the most of 4 weeks’ time. Then they may get a written document from the DVLA.
  • The replacement documents will be provided for the same.
  • The registration number will be provided for the same. This particular one can turn out to be the one that was originally provided while getting the vehicle and before it was changed to the private one.

After The Number Plate Transfer Is Approved:

One need to do the following:

  • They have to get the new number plates made and then put them onto the vehicle.
  • Also, they have to make the number plates for the old vehicle with the registration number provided by the DVLA.
  • Then the replacement tax discs should be put in both the vehicles.
  • Then they should contact their insurance company to make a report of the changes.

Transferring to the private number plate is very simple, and one must take it that way. If one follows the above-mentioned points, then they can get it correctly done.

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Driving, Going Away And Making Sure Car Is Road Legal

Posted by on Jun 4, 2016 in Road Legal Car

Owning a car is always a great experience in life for every person. You can travel at your own pace, and you can go anywhere you want along with your family and friends. You do not require squeezing yourself in the middle of traffic when you are going to your office. Though, these are the positive sides of having your own vehicle. There are some legal rules and regulations that you need to know as well as you must have to maintain when you would drive your car on the road. In between the process of buying and owning a car, you need to cover some steps getting a clean chit for road legal driving.

Overview Of DVLA

The most important thing is that your car has to be test driven as well as inspected before you purchase it. When you decide to buy a used car, you need to undergo few steps, and only DVLA can help you owning your car maintaining all legal formalities. Now you can ask what DVLA is and how it helps to car owners. DVLA stands for Driver & Vehicle Agency in the UK. The department has been created in the year of 1990,and it has replaced DVLC. DVLC was an old agency, and it stands for Driver & Vehicle Licensing Centre. DVLA currently holds more than forty-four million valid licenses of drivers as well as over thirty-six millions of licensed vehicles.

Essential Role Of DVLA

If you want to purchase a new car, then you need to contact with DVLA for your driving license. Though the role of DVLA is not limited providing new licenses to drivers, the agency goes far in its role. Let us have a close look at the service that DVLA provides to car owners in the UK.

  • You can get full information about driving documents from DVLA.
  • You can know the amount of tax that you need to pay from DVLA.
  • You can apply for anew driving license to this agency.
  • The agency issues blue badges permit for those cars that need to meet a set of requirements due to disability as well as mobility.
  • People who buy a vehicle without logbook, they need to apply logbook V5C to this agency, and the DVLA helps to get logbook within 6 weeks.
  • The agency also helps police as well as intelligence services to provide as much as possible information without delay.
  • The agency keeps updated records for damaged as well as stolen cars.

Hence, if you need to purchase new or used cars, then you require taking help from DVLA for the purpose of issuing a new license or getting full information for used cars.

In the case of any emergency related to legal documents of your car, you can make a call on DVLA contact number in time you need. The agency offers 24*7 customer service, and you can get full information about the next tax detail or to know the next date of renewing your old license. Even you always get up to date information about your car from DVLA without any miss any time you need.

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